The Perfect Place to Finish (or Start!) your Snowdon Trek

Come bask in the warmth of our fireplaces and try our award winning ales as you recover from conquering Britain's 2nd highest peak.

Serving weary travellers in need of respite for over 20 years, Jason and Esther Duckheath are the proud proprietors of The Broad Face

A reputation of locally sourced ales of the finest quality

Surrounded by rugged wilderness and unforgiving terrain, the 19th Century traditional style pub has barely changed since its inception in 1834. Then, a welcome stop for merchants travelling through the dangerous Welsh mountains, now a bustling hub for hikers and sightseers; The Broad Face takes its name from its original owner Matthias Broad.

A public house steeped in history and a passion for hospitality

A playwright from London, forever in the shadow of his idol Shakespeare, he moved to Snowdonia to retire after having moderate success with his second play The Publican's Daughter. Falling in love with the rough worn aesthetic of the country as well as the charmingly gruff locals, Broad decided to commission the building of his own pub.

The Broad Face is situated right at the foot of Snowdon

With sly nods to Broad's lesser known works dotted throughout the two bars, restaurant and four modest double rooms; its clear that the Duckheaths have a passion for the playwright, their enthusiasm for his works only restricted by the boundaries of good taste.

Visiting The Broad Face, should be like stepping back in time

“The eighties had not been kind to the place, previous owners had plastered some of the walls in garish posters and the soft furnishings had not been looked at for decades. Jason and I had read up on the history of the place, and we wanted to restore it back to Broad's original vision – a place where travellers and merchants would feel truly welcome and at home.” - Esther Duckheath

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After passing through a couple of generations of Broads, the pub eventually fell out of the family name and was passed from owner to owner. Over the course of its tenure, the décor has been updated and stripped back ceaselessly – however, when the Duckheaths took residence in the early 90s they knew exactly what they wanted to do with the place.

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