Seasoned publicans, the Duckheaths, 20 years of experience

Ester and Jason have worked in the hospitality trade for over two decades. Starting their working lives at large hotel chains, working their way up through the industry, they married in the mid-nineties. After leaving their respective mangerial roles, they pooled their life savings to buy The Broad Face outright.

Highly trained chefs with creative flair

Tom Crabwich, after arriving at The Broad Face soon after The Duckheaths, has spent his entire working life with food. Beginning his career in a school cafeteria, over thirty years of graft and experimentation has left him with bags of creativity which he displays with pride on his ever changing menu of pub classis and medieval wonders. Roast Rabbit Trenchers, Port Steeped Venison Pie and Mulled Beef Stew are a few of his seasonal creations.

Welcoming bar staff with local ale knowledge

All bar staff are taken to local breweries to ensure that they can provide the best reccommendations to thirsty hikers. Working in tandem with the kitchen staff, local ales are sourced to best suit the ever changing seasonal food menu. Most visitors come for a casual drink, but are then tempted to stay for longer with the high-end food and drink on offer.